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About Us

Founded in 1972, Liberty Bank has always been based on ideals of service and integrity.  With a primary focus on bringing financial services to the traditionally under-served, Liberty quickly established itself as a financial force in the New Orleans community. By combining a vision of community uplift with a commitment to fundamental banking principles, the Bank helped to grow its customer base while growing its own resources and operations.

More than three decades later and operating in 6 states, Liberty Bank is a model of corporate stability. Consistent growth in assets and profitability has created a banking powerhouse with the capacity to participate in major projects and to provide services to the largest clients. The base is strong, making the possibilities virtually limitless.

Address & Driving Directions:
6600 Plaza Drive 5th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70127

Voice: 504-240-5155

Fax: 504-240-2829